All three character are assailed by challenges, but it is particularly the younger ones who are growing into more mature adults.

Evangeline is already a mature adult.  Having recently retired from her position as Chief of MI6, she is confronted by the problem of needing to retain a life of meaning and purpose.  She is also – at the age of 63 – heading towards old age and the particular challenges which come with entering this phase of life.

The problem of coming up with a sufficiently gripping plot (for all characters) is assailing me at the moment. I can’t stray into murder because I feel I would overwhelm the other two characters’ stories – as well as change my sub genre.

So I may well send Harriet to France, in the company of her daughter Karen, for the Tour de France. Karen has acquired a boyfriend who is in the US team and Harriet will have to make some choices . . .