These are mainly notes for me.   I find that, during the course of telling a story, I tend to forget about each character’s attributes as the story progresses . . .

Evangeline Tankful

b. 1936. Diminutive.   Good figure.  French pleat in “honey blonde.”  Grey eyes.  Just above knee skirts.  Magenta beads – although a classy dresser when the occasion requires.  Intelligent.  Analytical.  Funny.  Old-fashioned.  Writes letters in green ink, on deep lilac, lavender-scented paper.  Can enjoy a drink of London’s finest (gin).

Formerly married to Sir Charmer Tankful OBE.

Harriet Tankful

b.1957. Long black hair with blue sheen.  Green eyes.  Fashionable.  Good eye for describing clothes and interior furnishings.  A sucker for charming men.  Has a black labrador called Ferris.  Beautiful.  Good poet.  Has two adult children: Ian and Karen.  Ian is doing a degree in mechanical engineering.

Formerly married to the Rt. Hon.  Austen Tankful MP (Evangeline’s son).

Ralph Wodehouse

b.1973. Shaved head.  Doc Martens.  Wears black.  Muscular build.  Bicycle.  Addicted to Glu-stik and Valium.  Socialist.  Member of British Indigent Workers Party.  Sells the Leftist Worker on the street.  Presently immature and not very responsible.