Hi.  Thanks for taking a look at my epistolary blog.  I am writing in three personas.

The first is Evangeline Tankful (DBE) – retired Chief of MI6.

The second is Harriet Tankful (formerly married to the Rt Hon. Austen Tankful, Evangeline’s son).

And the third is Ralph Wodehouse, who is Evangeline’s nephew resident in Concrete Shacks in the city of Carpool.  He is a socialist and former Glu-stik addict, who has now pulled himself together a (somewhat) and started a student nursing course.

The fourth figure, resident in the Perfect Retirement Housing Complex, is Pom-Pom Percival.  He is not a letter writer and his views are reported by Evangeline.

I have written a prequel.  You can find it on: http://undercovermole.wordpress.com


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