A long-running script . . .


January 6 2000

3A Hyde Park Terrace, LONDON W2 00v

Oh Mum

That sounds absolutely grisly.  But are you sure it’s wise to renew your association with Pom-Pom (never mind move in)?  You know how ingenious he can be.  I should instal a safe and keep your all your bank cards – and hand gun – in it!

I have both good news, and bad, myself.  The good news is of more international standing.  Two British women reached the South Pole a couple of days ago, and I am of a mind to celebrate their achievement (indeed, to celebrate any woman’s achievement)!

Clive, meanwhile, turned out solely to be interested in the suitability of my poetry to be in his libretto, and not at all interested in closer acquaintance with my physical person.  I have to say that I was slightly offended by this for, as you know, most men hover around me like moths to the proverbial flame.

Today’s problem, however, seems to centre on the use of a net book (or is it note book) purchased some six months ago.  I have not, admittedly, attempted to use the device for some time, so did expect a hiccough or two when I started it up. I believe “updates” have to be installed . . .

But Mum, the beastly Intergalactic starfinder is crawling along at a micro speed and keeps on throwing up messages along the lines of “X will not load because of a long-running script.”  This is one of the (very few) times that I wish Austen was here, because his eyes would positively ignite at the prospect of solving the problem.  I am, of course, in the throes of trying to construct a website for the Parade Street poetry cafe (using that very good web-hosting platform, Wobbly) and I can’t access any of my photos on the net book.

I do have one piece of actual family news.  Karen has just returned from her exchange year in the US state of Maine.  She phoned to ask me why I haven’t replied to any of her emails . . . She also told me that she has acquired an American boyfriend and that he is on the US cycling team!  She wants to bring him round for dinner.

Best love Mum



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